I have had a life long passion for entertainment.

Modelling, speaking at events, appearing on television, demonstrating aerobics, performing at parties and my recent foray into music, are moments I cherish.


In the past I have been in commercials and films, but my claim to fame is being Maria’s mother on the Yummy Mummies reality TV show.

Yummy Mummies

Yummy Mummies Maria, Bianca and Margherita

A reality style TV series following four glamorous young mothers-to-be in Australia, as they navigate pregnancy, make elaborate plans for motherhood and delve into a chaotic new reality with outrageous opinions of what to expect while they’re expecting.

The show stars Maria Di Geronimo, Lorinska Merrington, Jane Scandizzo, Rachel Watts and Yummy Nonna – Click here to watch Yummy Mummies

Travel Guides

margherita and joe travel guides

Five groups of ordinary Aussies take on the job of travel critics, rating and reviewing their experiences at some of the world’s hottest travel locations. The shows stars are from all walks of life, which leads to hilarious moments and proves that one person’s holiday heaven can be another’s hell.

Travel Guides is a fantastic show, I reckon myself and Joe would make a great addition. What do you think? – Click here to watch Audition Video


Everyone loves music, whether they’re playing it or simply listening. I have always enjoyed singing, but only recently decided to take it to the next level by enrolling myself in vocal training.


margherita music video

Written by my brother Shane Monopoli collaborating with Damian Smith. The song that was born from my outlandish appearance on Yummy Mummies, it celebrates a love of life and making the most of every moment, proving you are never really too old to give it go.

Features the awesome vocals of Robby X and Thony Remy with Grammy Award Winning Guitarist Louie Shelton – Click here to watch Margherita


valentina music video behind the scenes

She is sooo cute! We love her dearly, so Maria and I (with help from my brother again) created this music video with Valentina for a bit of fun, and to give my darling granddaughter something special to look back on.

It features the vocal talents of Robby X again, with myself and Maria performing with Valentina – Click here to watch Valentina

Margherita Live

Margherita Live at Plant4 Bowden

Part of my vocal training requires me to perform a song of choice to an audience in a public setting. My song was always going to be ‘Margherita’, that choice was obvious, but why just sing when I could complete the performance and dance as well.

So the challenge was set and Open Mic Night at Plant 4 is where the magic happened – Click here to watch Margherita Live


What can I say, I love to talk and performing MC duties or hosting events makes talking even more enjoyable. I have also spoken about motivation and self improvement topics at functions, and I hope my go-getting attitude towards life has had a positive effect on others.

My Birthday

This was the birthday party of a lifetime, who would have thought turning 60 could be so much fun. Visit my YouTube channel to checkout video clips from the night .
Click here to watch videos

Plan 4 Tomorrow

Held at Sferas Convention Centre in Adelaide, the Plan 4 Tomorrow fundraiser was held due to the tragic story of two young family members overseas in Italy.
Click here to watch video