Thank You

On life’s journey I have met a great number of people and made a lot of friends along the way.

I sincerely wish to thank the following for support and helping me realise my dreams, and for believing in me I love you all.

Joe Di Geronimo

Joe Di Geronimo and Margherita

Husband & Prestige Foundation Co-Owner

Love of my life, Joe is my biggest fan and I am his. He is my rock and his unconditional support of me is unwavering.

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Shane Monopoli

Shane Monopoli and Margherita

Exclusive Photography & Heaven Music

Exclusive Photography Victoria was founded by my brother Shane Monopoli in Melbourne in 1985, and has been an industry leader for 40 years. He now has award winning photography studios in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Perth.

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Shane is also a Producer/Writer/Engineer who works from his two recording studios, one is located in Melbourne and the other in Queensland. The studios go under the name Heaven Music Group and were established in 1997.

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Debbie Kampes

Debbie Kampes and Margherita

Photographer & Artist

My talented sister Debbie has been invaluable to me, her assistance with photography/videos and getting the most out of all my media has been awesome.

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Rachela Leo

Rachela Leo and Margherita

My Singing Teacher

Believed in my potential and helped me overcome my self doubt, she is amazing. Rachela teaches at Shine Studio where they offer singing lessons, piano lessons, and theory lessons, all in one place.

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Channel 7

Channel Sevens Yummy Mummies

Yummy Mummies Production Crew

Filming the reality show was an incredible experience I will never forget and the following people deserve my appreciation. Executive Producer Lyndal Marks, Series Producer Dave Dutton, Production Manager Anastacia Gushina, Producer Rachel Hamilton, Researcher Helen Biggs, Production Coordinator Deb Soames, Cameramen Josh McIvor and Nick Beaney with Assistant Alex Mattila, and Sound Tech Ben Travers.

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